NexusBall Rally 2021

NexusBall Rally is postponed until 2021

Due to the current situation we have postponed NexusBall Rally to 2021, the event will start in Stockholm on the 11th of JulyΒ  and will travel through Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Poznan and Gdansk before reaching the final destination TylΓΆsand for an epic finish line and closing party!

Get Ready to Expect the Unexpected

Why you should pick NexusBall:

massive stockholm start line

Epic closing party in TylΓΆsand!

Optional check-points every day

Get ready for an awesome week!

3-6 hours driving per day

Drive through summer Europe!

4-5 Star Hotels in great locations

Always with garage nearby!

About the Rally

The 2021 Rally will start in Stockholm on Sunday the 11th of July and will enjoy the arrivals of the NexusBall participants as they drive into the event in their mix of classic, super and sports-cars.

There will be a pre-reg and opening party on the 10th of July.

The Rally will be traveling from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Poznan and Gdansk before reaching its final destination: the Swedish summer paradise TylΓΆsand for an amazing finish line and closing party.


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